Jeff Wasson


Jeff Wasson is Partner at Boost VC. Jeff is a 3X entrepreneur turned venture capitalist.

Jeff was a founder of, which as CEO he took public then sold to for $50 Million in cash when he was 27. After exiting the travel technology world in 2010, and taking a two and half year hiatus to travel the world with his wife and two daughters, he remerged ready to find the next big thing. An early investor in Boost VC, Jeff is now a General Partner with the firm that is chasing the two most disruptive technologies of our time, blockchain and virtual reality. 

With 15+ years of operational experience from startup to sale, Jeff has seen if not all of it, most of it, having raised millions in capital and having employed hundreds during his tenure. An overlapping 15+ years of personally investing in early stage companies has given Jeff the startup experience from another lens. Jeff has worked on every continent except Antarctica, and brings to bear the global perspective needed in today's world. 

At Boost VC, Jeff leads the VR efforts and is responsible for deal sourcing across all segments, investment decisions, working with portfolio CEOs, and expanding the Boost VC brand.