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Conviction is profitable. Idols are mentors.
Teams become family. Ideas change the world.


Boost VC is the “Before-the-Chasm” startup accelerator. Since 2012 we have been dedicated to finding and funding passionate entrepreneurs who are using emerging technologies to build great ideas. We believe the two most world-changing sectors are Bitcoin and Digital Reality (VR/AR), and we are committed to empowering great companies to build the future of these industries.

We have invested in 100 companies to date, currently recruiting for Tribe 6, and plan to continue investing in 40-60 Bitcoin and Digital Reality (VR/AR) companies each year. We provide money, housing and office space in Silicon Valley to allow our startups to focus 100% on building out their companies. We have built a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and thought leaders around Bitcoin and Digital Reality (VR/AR) to help drive forward the growth of these industries.


  • 3 month program in an immersive, entrepreneurial environment
  • Committed and dedicated mentors
  • Scheduled time with industry influencers and investors
  • Unique team building exercises
  • General legal counsel
  • Seed investment for a small percentage of the company


  • Access to proprietary Boost Network... for life
  • Housing and office space in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Shortest commute of all time
  • Dedicated Boost team that lives and works with you
  • Work alongside other companies in your growing industry
  • Weekly all-team meetings + Family Dinner
  • Opportunity to find a solution to the problem you were set on this earth to solve


Tim Draper
Founder, DFJ

Philip Rosedale
CEO/Founder, High Fidelity

Jens Christensen
CEO, Jaunt

Ash Jhaveri
Head of Business Development, Oculus VR

Ajay Singh
Venture Investor, Samsung Early Stage VC Fund

Shiraz Akmal
Head of Business and Product Development, DreamLab, DreamWorks Animation

Ben Davenport
Co-Founder & CPO, BitGo

Meron Gribetz
CEO, Meta

Sean Percival
Venture Partner, 500 Startups

Karl Krantz
Founder, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR)

Avish Bhama
CEO, Mirror

Jacob Hansen
Co-Founder, Cobalt

Adam Ludwin
CEO & Co-founder,

David Chen
Associate Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Santi Subotovsky
Partner, Emergence Capital

Michael Dunworth

Dan Held
VP of Product, ChangeTip

Zavain Dar
Investment Team, Innovation Endeavors

Marlon Nichols
Director, Intel Capital

Kevin Johnson
Co-founder, ZeroBlock

Bill Barhydt
CEO, Abra

Sarah Kunst
Partner, Fortis

Blake Commagere
CEO & Founder, MediaSpike

Annie Pearl
Sr. Enterprise Product Manager, Box

David Pastewka
CEO & Co-Founder, Twindom

Marshall Millett
CEO & Founder, Aemass

Josh Buckley
Founder & CEO, MinoMonsters

Steven Roussey
Secret Weapon, Weebly

Justin Miller
Founder & President, Notehall

(acquired by Chegg)

Collin West
Associate, Correlation Ventures

Kurt Thams

Kevin Twohy
Principal, Novum Design

AJ Forsythe
CEO, iCracked Intergalactic

Past Speakers

  • Marc Andreessen
  • Logan Green
  • Brian Armstrong
  • Sam Schillace
  • Bill Draper
    DRK Foundation
  • James Beshara


  • Adam Draper

    Founder & Chief

  • Brayton Williams

    Founder, Finance/Ops

  • Jeff Wasson


  • Maddie Callander

    Admin and Events

  • Jared Brubaker

    Legal Counsel

Adam Draper is a fourth generation venture capitalist. He is an avid block chain and VR enthusiast. His favorite movie is Notting Hill and his dream is to assist in the creation of the first flying Iron Man suit. Before starting Boost, Adam angel invested in 20 companies including Coinbase, Plangrid and Practice Fusion.
Brayton Williams makes sure the wheels don’t fall off at Boost. He went from working at too-big-to-fail Morgan Stanley Smith Barney to startup Xpert Financial. During the first two years of starting Boost, Brayton lived in the hotel amongst the founders - he can still be spotted heading to a room he keeps ready after late nights in the office. He was the first member of Boost to buy a bitcoin and unfortunately also the first to sell. When not telling people to stop spending money, Brayton attempts to get coffee shops to spell his name correctly.
Jeff Wasson is a startup junkie with an almost, almost, debilitating travel habit. Jeff was a Founder/CEO of three companies, took one public, sold two, and had one go bust. Jeff has been an investor, mentor, and general hanger-arounder of startups since the early 2000s. Traveling and working on every continent (except Antarctica, which he is plotting), Jeff is constantly looking for the next big thing. Jeff leads the recruiting effort at Boost VC, and while referrals are appreciated, he enjoys finding entrepreneurs in their native habitats.
Maddie Callander solves problems, makes connections, and executes. She's held operations roles in real estate development, private aviation, healthcare, and event planning. Her journey into the startup world began at Draper University, and now she’s focused on empowering female founders and entrepreneurs to thrive in early tech sectors. She spends a lot of time explaining ‘that Bitcoin thing’ to her friends, and serves as on-call IT support for her family. She is a gemini, oldest child, avid reader & loves superheroes. Olivia Pope is her patronus.
Jared Brubaker is a San Francisco-based corporate attorney who specializes in representing venture capital funds, financial services firms, and Silicon Valley startups. After working at Sullivan & Cromwell and a couple startups, Jared launched his own practice with Boost as one of his first clients. Jared has a JD from Harvard and Computer Science degrees from Stanford, and is a CFA charterholder. When he’s not lawyering, Jared is probably reading musical scores or watching an opera.