Boost VC is the #1 accelerator in the world for Crypto and VR startups and is committed to making science fiction technologies a reality.

We selectively accept ~20 teams every 6 months to go through our accelerator program.

Since 2012, we’ve funded 200+ companies who have gone on to raise an additional $1 billion and are actively changing the world.

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Science Fiction is the Improbable Made Possible

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A History of Boost VC

We believe the most powerful network is created by bringing together the best technologists to solve the biggest problems

News and Perspectives


Boost VC raises new $38 million fund

After 5 years and 220+ companies raising $1+ billion in funding, Boost VC is continuing to create leaders of the market


2018 Crypto: The year of TALENT and SHIPPING

Boost VC cofounder Brayton Williams details what he expects from crypto in 2018, along with 2 changes he would like to see


2018 is the year of VR - what to look for

Boost VC cofounder Adam Draper writes about why 2018 will be the year for VR, and things Boost VC is looking for