Boost VC is committed to making science fiction technologies a reality, and is the #1 accelerator in the world for Crypto and VR startups.

We selectively accept ~20 teams every 6 months to go through our accelerator program. Since 2012, we’ve funded 200+ companies who have gone on to raise an additional $1 billion and are actively changing the world.



We believe that Blockchain is a major technological breakthrough with the capability to reshape many areas of our society for the better.

Virtual Reality

We believe that Virtual Reality is poised to become the third major technology in the past 20+ years that will change how we live and work.

Science Fiction

We believe in ideas that reimagine the future, push our understanding and inspire creation, like AI, Exoskeletons, Drones, Space, AR, Chatbots & more.

We have a history of funding ideas that make the improbable possible

News and Perspectives

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2018 Crypto: The year of TALENT and SHIPPING

Boost VC cofounder Brayton Williams details what he expects from crypto in 2018, along with 2 changes he would like to see 


2018 is the year of VR - what to look for

Boost VC cofounder Adam Draper writes about why 2018 will be the year for VR, and things Boost VC is looking for

Ledger raises $75 million Series B

We're excited to announce our investment in Ledger, the maker of hardware cryptocurrency wallets