Season 2, Ep. 18: 3D Data Analytics for Virtual Reality with ObserVR CEO, Lucas Toohey

The data analytics benchmarks and standards for web and mobile applications simply cannot be applied to virtual reality; the linear tracking of clicks doesn’t give VR developers a clear understanding of how users are interacting with their product. Rather, a 3D data set that analyzes several metrics together affords developers with a clear picture of what features and functions users love and what they’re missing.

Lucas Toohey is the CEO of ObserVR, an analytics platform for virtual reality that tracks user actions throughout their experience to identify patterns over time, giving developers data-driven insights around user engagement with their VR products. Lucas founded the company with fellow California Polytechnic students Jacob Copus and Justin Cellona, and together they are intent on helping to define the standards and benchmarks for VR as the technology gains traction.

Today Lucas shares the story of ObserVR, explaining how the startup was conceived and the team dynamic among the three co-founders. He offers his insight around the value of analytics in VR development, the data benchmarks for gaming, and the most engaging VR content on the market. Listen in for an overview of the market for high-end headsets and Lucas’ take on the value of AR companion apps.

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