Season 2, Ep. 20: Design Tools, Standalone Headsets and the Future of VR with Peter Le Bek of Sketchbox

“The first generation of headsets has proved that VR is going to be a thing, but it’s not going to be a thing on that generation of headsets.”

2017 was a reality check for the VR industry. The market size continues to be limited by barriers like setup time and the fact that it’s a pain in the ass to take anywhere. So what is the key to mass adoption? Peter Le Bek argues that standalone will be the gamechanger the space needs to get people in headsets.

Peter is the co-founder and CEO of Sketchbox, the number one prototyping tool for augmented and virtual reality. The application allows designers to share their ideas through a VR storyboard—without writing code. Peter fell in love with design working as the CTO for a startup in Toronto. That also happens to be where he met Joe Connolly, his co-founder at Sketchbox. Peter has been programming since he was 12, and he holds a degree in computer science from the University of Glasgow.

Today Peter joins us to share his initial skepticism toward VR, explaining how live motion controllers made him a believer. He offers his best advice for VR designers and shares some of his favorite experiences. We discuss the value in finding a co-founder with a complementary personality and what sets Sketchbox apart from competing design tools. Listen in and learn why Peter believes that standalone headsets will eliminate the barriers to entry and usher in a new era in VR.