Season 2, Ep. 23: The Drone Market, Future Thinking, and Candy for Fat Kids with Jonathan Nutzati of Mothership

Up until 18 months ago, there was ‘one drone to rule them all.’ But that stopped working as the consumer began to demand specialization. Different industries have different needs, and the drone market has begun to drill down and solve the problems specific to fields like construction and agriculture. Some problems remain unsolved, and that’s where Mothership Aeronautics comes in.

Jonathan Nutzati is an aerospace engineer, entrepreneur and future-thinker with a passion for solving mankind’s greatest problems. He earned his master’s from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2012 and went on to design electric motors for Tesla. In 2016, he founded Mothership, a startup that develops high endurance aircraft with applications in energy pipeline inspection, mineral exploration and security.

Today Jonathan joins us to explain what sets Mothership apart from other drone technologies. We discuss the lessons Jonathan has learned as an entrepreneur and the challenges around communicating with investors when your market size is somewhat intangible. Listen in for Jonathan’s insight around the evolution of the drone market and the value of future-thinking.