Season 2 Ep. 27: Investing Nerdy and Early in Smart Hardware with VC Sunil Nagaraj of Ubiquity Ventures

The beauty of smart hardware lies in its agility. With a recurrent feedback loop and regular software updates, products can be improved over time. Ubiquity Ventures is focused on funding startups that pursue this continuous refinement, investing in a feature trajectory rather than physical product.

Sunil Nagaraj is the managing partner of Ubiquity, a seed-stage venture capital firm interested in smart hardware and machine intelligence. Prior to starting his own fund in 2017, Sunil spent six years as VP with Bessemer Venture Partners, where his focus involved IoT, developer tools, space and security companies.

Sunil sits down with us today to share his background as an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. He explains the idea behind his startup, Triangulate, discussing the challenges he faced in A/B testing and why he ultimately decided to shut the company down. We discuss the benefits of smart hardware and its ability to ‘increase the velocity of the scientific method.’ Listen in for Sunil’s insight on understanding the world through the lens of a coder and his meaningful definition of success.

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