Season 2 Ep. 28: Entrepreneurs in Space with Max Haot of Launcher

“From my point of view, yes, we need to be multiplanetary, and one of the big motivators … is really the desire to spend the rest of my career to make whatever big or small contribution—but a contribution—towards advancing Earth-escape technology as a category.”

Max Haot is the founder and CEO of Launcher, a team on a ten-year journey to advance launch technology and deliver small satellites to orbit. Max came to the US in 2005 when the company he was working for in the UK was sold to Verizon. He served as the VP of Digital Media for Verizon Business for two years before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship and founding Livestream, the platform that democratized livestream video capability. Vimeo acquired Livestream last September, giving Max the opportunity to pursue his passion for space.

Max is joining us today to share the inspiration behind Launcher, discussing how SpaceX shifted the perception that only governments could achieve orbital flight. He walks us through the timeline of space technology to date and explains how the miniaturization of satellites, growing connectivity and decrease in the cost of launch is further opening space to entrepreneurs. We talk about the feasibility of Earth-escape technology, and Max shares his take on humanity’s need to become multiplanetary if we want to survive long-term. Listen in for insight into the opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the satellite space and how community-building impacts the longevity of a startup.

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