Season 2 Ep. 29: Earning Cryptocurrency Through a Microtask Marketplace with Simon Yu of StormX

There are plenty of people who work full-time, yet still don’t make enough to get by. What if there was an app that would allow individuals to earn income in the form of cryptocurrency from anywhere, at any time, with any device?

Simon Yu had to drop out of college when his parents declared bankruptcy. He got a full-time job as a bank teller but was still struggling to make ends meet. In fact, Simon was sleeping through lunch so he wouldn’t have to eat another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He eventually started a Korean taco business as a side hustle, and with the help of Facebook, Bomba Fusion went viral. Simon was able to finish school and get a job as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst, where he started thinking about the potential of Bitcoin.

Now Simon serves as the CEO of StormX, a microtask marketplace that allows people all over the world to earn STORM tokens for things like playing videos, trying new products, and P2P freelancing gigs. He sits down with us today to tell his story, explaining his path from Food Truck to crypto startup. Simon walks us through the intense process of a crowd sale, discussing the long hours he spent in preparation and offering his advice for entrepreneurs considering an ICO. Listen in for Simon’s insight around the shift in his business now that cryptocurrency has become mainstream and how Storm Play helps individuals enter the space without risking their own money to buy tokens through an exchange.


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