Season 2 Ep. 26: The Basics of Bitcoin Mining with Chris Shepherd of HashRabbit

Bitcoin mining is tough to explain to Muggles outside the ecosystem, but Chris Shepherd is up for the task. Chris was a part of Tribe 4 here at Boost, and he also happens to be the face of the illustrious Boost VC Mural. Who better to take us through the basics of mining?

Chris is the co-founder and CEO of HashRabbit, a startup that builds software for large-scale mining facilities. Chris was introduced to mining as a designer and frontend developer for LaunchKey. From there, he made his own mining rigs and set up shop in his apartment as well as his parents’ garage. When his co-founder pointed out that the code was easy to hack, HashRabbit was born.

Today Chris joins us to share his journey into the world of cryptocurrency. He walks us through the basics of Bitcoin mining, explaining how the computers involved process transactions—without bias. Chris offers his insight around the biggest opportunity in mining today, and we look at the longevity of the blockchain.


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