Season 3 Ep. 2: Building the Future with Venture Capital with Kira Noodleman of Bee Partners

What gets Kira Noodleman excited about her job as an investor with VC firm Bee Partners? The opportunity to paint a picture of what the future looks like—and then back it up with money and resources for startups in the early stages.

Kira is a fan of tackling problems in disruptive industries and across cultures. With a background in product and program management, Kira has an appreciation of the skillful risk-taking that fuels successful entrepreneurship. She was a part of Google’s Project Ara as well as LAUNCH, the University of California’s leading startup accelerator. Kira did an internship with Bee Partners while earning her MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, and she joined the team as an investor in August of 2017. With a special focus on space, cryptocurrency, and climate change innovation, Bee Partners’ portfolio includes companies like Tradesy, TubeMogul and StatMuse.

Kira sits down with us today to share her passion for building things that matter. She discusses the Big Hairy Audacious Goals that VC should support, from efficiency in the food value chain to clean meat. Kira walks us through the work Bee Partners is doing in the blockchain space, and we debate the impact of crypto mining on the environment. Listen in for Kira’s insight on what VCs look for in an entrepreneur and learn how to build a ‘board of mentors’ in venture capital.

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