Season 3 Ep. 7: Leveraging VR to Get People in a Room Together with Philip Rosedale of High Fidelity

Philip Rosedale believes that virtual reality is a world-saving undertaking, but its current single-player use cases separate us from each other rather than bringing us together. And he is on a mission to develop the VR technology that will create shared spaces where people connect in real-time, to ‘get people in a room together.’

Philip is the Co-Founder and CEO of High Fidelity, a San Francisco-based software company designing social virtual reality technology with the goal of deploying an open source, flexible platform for a variety of VR applications. Philip is best known for creating a 3D virtual civilization called Second Life as part of Linden Lab. Second Life fulfilled his lifelong dream of an open-ended, Internet-connected virtual world where users create, connect and interact with others from around the world.

Philip joins us to discuss opportunities in the VR ecosystem and share his vision for shared spaces. He discusses the intersection of cryptocurrency and virtual reality, explaining how High Fidelity is using the blockchain to hold currency, store asset certificates and secure digital identity. Listen in for Philip’s insight around the value of synchronous communication in VR to ‘get people in a room together’ and learn how the blockchain would allow people to meet in a virtual world—without surrendering their data to a centralized repository.

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