Season 3, Ep. 9: Pitching the Story of Your Startup to the Media with Teddy Schleifer of Recode

Sending a cold email to a reporter who has never heard of you is not the best way to get media coverage for your startup. But how do we figure out which publication is the best fit for the story we have to tell? How do we play the game of relationships that leads to positive press? How do we pinpoint and pitch a story worth telling—one that is bigger than ourselves?

Teddy Schleifer is a Senior Reporter for Recode, covering venture capital, finance and influence in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining the tech news team, he spent two years in Washington, DC, writing about money and politics for CNN during the presidential campaign. In short, Teddy covers how people of means shape the world in which we live.

Today, Teddy joins us to discuss his transition from DC to Silicon Valley, sharing the similarities and differences between politics and venture capital. He offers insight around how entrepreneurs should approach the media, describing how relationships and referrals drive the stories he tells. Listen in for Teddy’s approach to identifying the macro trends behind the ‘bread and butter’ stories and learn how to go about pitching your story to the right journalist.

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