Season 3, Ep. 11: Using AI to Redefine the Way We Experience Music with Ryan Groves of Melodrive

Imagine having a private band or orchestra talented enough to extemporaneously compose, orchestrate and perform the soundtrack to your life, adjusting to the environment or your emotions in real time? Better yet, what if YOU had the ability to create audio content that would adapt to any given situation in an immersive space?

Ryan Groves is an award-winning music researcher and veteran developer of intelligent music systems. He also serves as the President and CPO of Melodrive, an adaptive music generation mechanism that uses artificial intelligence to create and integrate original music on any digital platform, be it a video game, virtual world or augmented reality system.

Today, Ryan sits down with us at Boost VC to offer his insight on the future of music and explain how Melodrive is working to change the way we consume it. He also explains the concept of ‘uncanny valley’ and shares his take on how long we have before AI takes over the world. Listen in to understand how Melodrive allows users to create audio content that adapts to its interactive environment in real time and learn how this technology might redefine the way we experience music.

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