Season 3, Ep 14: Pioneering Blockchain Investment with Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital

Only a handful of investment firms were brave enough to enter the crypto space back in the early 2010’s. Those pioneers have witnessed quite an evolution in the blockchain space, and they have gone from being the black sheep of venture capital to enjoying a red-carpet experience with every hedge fund manager on Wall Street.

Paul Veradittakit is a Partner with Pantera Capital, a leading investment firm focused exclusively on projects related to blockchain technology, digital currency and crypto assets. Paul helped launch the firm’s second venture fund, and he sits on the boards of OpenToken and BitOasis. Prior to joining Pantera in 2014, Paul worked at Strive Capital, where he focused on investments in the mobile space.

Today, Paul sits down with us to share his Bitcoin origin story and discuss the evolution of the market since 2014. He offers his take on how the crypto market is changing, explaining why the best talent is coming into the space right now. Listen in as Paul speaks to the tokens that get him up in the morning and addresses the lack of standardization around how entrepreneurs utilize capital.


Topics Covered

How Paul got into the Bitcoin space

  • Worked for startup in daily deal space
  • Joined VC in late 2010 (focus on mobile)
  • Considered working for Coinbase
  • Ran across Pantera Capital

Paul’s take on the evolution of crypto

  • 20 companies in 2014 (easy to pick winners)
  • Polychain opened eyes to new sector in 2017
  • Worldwide adoption of tokens for fundraising

Paul’s insight on the future of the blockchain

  • Same number of deals, higher quality
  • Shift in focus to building product
  • Best talent coming into space

The tokens that get Paul up in the morning

  • Infrastructure, ways to scale blockchain
  • Use cases where decentralization enables new markets
  • Marketplaces where intermediaries take large fees

What surprises Paul about the current market

  • Companies able to raise capital ‘without legs’
  • Need for transparency, education (best practices)

Paul’s definition of success

  • Make world better
  • Social impact


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