Season 1

Season 1, Ep. 10: Jens Christensen, serial founder

Jens shares his story of entrepreneurship in this week’s episode of The Boost VC Podcast. Adam and Jens talk about the VR industry, comparing gaming and cinematic VR, looking at the variety in experiences and hardware, and exploring the potential growth in the industry. Jens talks about the founding of Jaunt VR and his favorite VR experiences.

Jens is an experienced technology executive and founder, with a strong computer science background and a proven track record of assembling world class teams, raising capital, and achieving successful outcomes. Most recently, he co-founded Jaunt VR and served as its CEO for three years. 

Season 1, Ep. 9: Billy Draper, Draper Associates

In this week's episode of The Boost VC Podcast, Adam asks his brother Billy Draper from Draper Associates about the nuances of venture capitalism. Adam and Billy explore the many problems of today's marketplaces, and how start-ups can disrupt the flow of big industries using new technology. They talk about the entrepreneurial mindset that VC's appreciate, and go over what attitudes they like to see in their founders.

Billy Draper is on the investment team at Draper Associates. He works primarily at the early stage, investing in companies valued between 3m and 10m. Prior to joining DA, Billy worked in Operations at Facebook and in product design at ApartmentList. He was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 for venture capital in 2016.

Season 1, Ep. 7: Collin West, Correlation VC

Collin West joins Adam this week on the Boost VC Podcast. Collin talks about extreme adventures as a parallel to the startup world, while discussing the different aspects of venture capital. Listen to learn about what VC’s look for in entrepreneurs and how different VC’s add specialized value to companies. 

As a member of Correlation’s investment team, Collin focuses primarily on identifying and evaluating early-stage startups. Collin also serves on the board of the NextGen Partners organization and is a Kauffman Fellow.  Both of these educational organizations are focused on serving the venture capital and startup communities. Prior to joining Correlation Ventures, Collin founded two businesses in digital advertising and adventure travel, respectively. Prior to that, Collin was an IT Strategy consultant at Accenture. Collin earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management with an emphasis on Innovation & Entrepreneurship where he was awarded a prestigious Four Pillars award, awarded to only four members of the graduating class for embodying the values of the school.  He also graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Finance from Southern Methodist University. Prior to joining Correlation, Collin and his team of four broke a Guinness World Record completing the longest expedition across the Arctic Ocean by rowboat, rowing over 1,000 miles non-stop and unsupported for 41 days.

Season 1, Ep. 5: Justin Miller, Pillow

In this week’s episode of the Boost VC Podcast, Adam Draper focuses on entrepreneurship. Justin Miller, founder of Pillow Homes, talks to Adam about overcoming the early struggles of founding a company, from finding the perfect co-founder to raising just enough money. They talk about bootstrapping, successful business strategy, the Iron Man Suit, and the role of venture capital in the software start up ecosystem. 

Justin was the co-founder and president of Notehall before it was acquired by Chegg in 2011. He is also a very active angel investor and advisor to many technology startups. Currently, he is the president of Pillow Homes and loves to travel.

Season 1, Ep. 4: Liv Erickson, Microsoft

Join Adam and Liv as they talk about the magic of VR/AR. Learn about the different resources available for VR/AR developers to get started and build their own experiences. Plus, have fun and geek out over science-fiction!

Liv Erickson is a Virtual and Augmented Reality Developer and Evangelist at Microsoft based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the creator and host of Just A/VR Show, a web show for aspiring VR and AR developers, developer of KittenVR, and the author of The Matrix is My Office blog. Liv is passionate about making immersive technologies accessible to everyone, and teaching new developers how to create their own VR & AR experiences. She is a co-founder and instructor of ARVR Academy, and is a frequent speaker on virtual and augmented reality development in addition to developing projects across desktop, mobile, and web VR and AR platforms.   

 - ARVR Academy:
 - Just A/VR Show:
 - The Matrix is My Office:
 - Kitten VR:

Season 1, Ep. 3: Baptiste Grève, CEO of Unimersiv

Adam speaks to Baptiste Grève, founder of Unimersiv, the platform for virtual reality learning. They discuss the future of VR education, the European VR ecosystem, and the current VR business model.

Baptiste is a French entrepreneur who has worked as a designer, engineer, and project manager for several startups. He is the founder & CEO of Unimersiv, the platform for VR educational experiences. He was part of Boost VC’s Tribe 6 last summer. He is currently based in Paris. During his free time he enjoys playing FIFA, spending some quality time with his friends and family and he’s also spending more and more time playing VR games on the Rift!


Season 1, Ep. 2: Lamar Wilson, CEO of Fluent

Bitcoin is freedom! However. The community of bitcoin and blockchain is sort of like the dwarves in Lord of the Rings. They are holding all the gold in the mountain, but soon, they will share their riches with the world. Listen to Lamar Wilson explain how spreading the bitcoin wealth will change the world.

Full-stack developer, expert blockchain architect, father, and husband: Lamar Wilson has been creating enterprise software for almost a decade with a recent focus on financial and blockchain technology. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded the software development firm, 212ths and created Pheeva, a mobile bitcoin wallet. He is the CEO of Love Will Inc., and, most recently, Lamar founded Fluent where he serves as Head of Vision and Decision. 


Season 1, Ep. 1: Greg Castle, Anorak Ventures

Adam & Greg chat about frontier technologies, why he likes VR, Pokemon Go and Wolverine. 

Greg Castle is the Founder and GP of Anorak Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on frontier technology. Anorak invests in highly specialized teams, solving tough problems in the areas of VR, AR, computer vision, robotics, IOT and autonomous vehicles.  Prior to Anorak, Greg was an active angel investor with 26 investments counting two exits including Oculus, which was acquired by Facebook for $2bln. With strong ties to the VR/AR community, Greg focuses much of his time investing in and mentoring startups in this sector. Previously, Greg led marketing for the widely popular game development tool Scaleform (acq. 2011) and for Autodesk's Game Technology Group. Greg has a dual degree in International Business & Marketing from the University of Maryland.


Season 1, Ep. 21: Nick Tomaino, Principal at Runa Capital and Creator of The Control

Nick Tomaino spills the secrets of ICOs and about thinking long term as an investor in the space. So now I know everything... and you can too. Listen to Nick, from his work at Coinbase, to his position at Runa Capital, he knows.

"It's becoming easier than ever for entrepreneurs to raise money" -Nick Tomaino, The Control

Season 1, Ep. 20: Will Warren, Co-Founder & CEO @ 0x

Ep. 20: Will Warren,  Co-Founder & CEO @ 0x

Find out more about one of the hottest upcoming ICOs.  Will Warren talks about their vision for a decentralized exchange and also about what super power he would want.

Season 1, Ep. 18: Chuck Feerick - Comparing Accelerators, Adam Draper co-hosts the Healthbox Podcast

Healthbox is a healthcare based accelerator, and Chuck and Adam discuss the differences in accelerators and sectors. Learn about different structures! We all try to help the best we can.

Season 1, Ep. 13: Michael Dunworth, CEO of Wyre

Michael Dunworth explains the different stages of Snapcard now called Wyre.  

Michael Dunworth is Australian, which means he is genetically superior to mortal human. He uses his charm and intellect to dazzle. His company has gone through many transitions, just as Bitcoin has. They have continued to build and thrive. He also points out that fundraising is difficult.

Season 1, Ep. 11: Zavain Dar, Lux Capital

Zavain breaks down AI, basketball and just is an all around great dude. 

Zavain Dar is a Principal with Lux Capital, he focuses on machine learning, crypto currency and everything that requires you to think 20 years out. He has been a mentor with Boost VC for years and is wise beyond his years.