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Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director Adam Draper hosts industry leaders and explores emerging sci-fi technology. Listen in to new episodes every week as they chat about startups, venture capital, and tech trends (not to mention superheroes and Harry Potter). 

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Recent Episodes

Season 2 Ep. 26: The Basics of Bitcoin Mining with Chris Shepherd of HashRabbit

Today Chris joins us to share his journey into the world of cryptocurrency. He walks us through the basics of Bitcoin mining, explaining how the computers involved process transactions—without bias. Chris offers his insight around the biggest opportunity in mining today, and we look at the longevity of the blockchain.


Season 2 Ep. 24: Design Thinking for the Blockchain with Dan Elitzer of IDEO CoLab

Today Dan joins us to share how IDEO came to explore emerging technology in the blockchain space. We discuss his introduction to cryptocurrency as well as IDEO CoLab’s current projects. Listen in for Dan’s advice around the application of design thinking to blockchain technology and his definition of success in his role at IDEO.


Season 2, Ep. 19: Distributed Teams, Crypto Product Design and Bad Decisions with MyEtherWallet Founder Taylor Monahan

Taylor shares how she fell into the crypto rabbit hole and the experience that inspired MyEtherWallet. We discuss ICOs, the potential for bad decisions in the emerging crypto tech space, and the value of struggle—for individuals and companies. Listen in for Taylor's insight around managing a remote team and keeping your team happy when money doesn't matter!