The Boost VC Podcast

Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director, Adam Draper, hosts industry leaders from the Boost VC network. They chat about startups, venture capital, and emerging technology (not to mention, superheroes, Harry Potter and tech trends). Follow @AdamDraper on Twitter. 


Nick Tomaino spills the secrets of ICOs and about thinking long term as an investor in the space. So now I know everything... and you can too. Listen to Nick, from his work at Coinbase, to his position at Runa Capital, he knows.

"It's becoming easier than ever for entrepreneurs to raise money" -Nick Tomaino, The Control


Find out more about one of the hottest upcoming ICOs.  Will Warren talks about their vision for a decentralized exchange and also about what super power he would want.


The people have spoken and they want more crypto! The rise of the prices in the industry have led us to interview someone who has an upcoming ICO, Kathleen Breitman with Tezos. We challenge other currencies and discuss governance structures.


Healthbox is a healthcare based accelerator, and Chuck and Adam discuss the differences in accelerators and sectors. Learn about different structures! We all try to help the best we can.


New on the venture scene, Arielle covers preconceived notions of Venture Capital, her interests and her latest investment in an awesome company called The Wing and social club for women. Arielle is awesome!


Part cowboy, part tech geek.

AJ was a dinosaur wrestler in a past life. His enthusiasm and energy for changing things is intoxicating, and I believe that AJ is one of the best mentors/friends you can have in the startup eco-system.


Janus is building the MetaVerse. 

James hails from Canada, where he has many academic achievements. We cover a wide range of questions to do with Virtual Reality, but also to do with finding product market fit and some of the battles raging in the VR industry.


We cover everything from rockets to software.  

Have you ever met James Bond? That's basically who Marshall Culpepper is, except he has a cooler job and he's not British. KubOS is the future of software in the space industry.


Michael Dunworth explains the different stages of Snapcard now called Wyre.  

Michael Dunworth is Australian, which means he is genetically superior to mortal human. He uses his charm and intellect to dazzle. His company has gone through many transitions, just as Bitcoin has. They have continued to build and thrive. He also points out that fundraising is difficult.


Talking about starting a company, the VR market as a whole and finding focus. 

Nathan Rowe, CEO of Sculptr, the greatest world builder in VR, talks about everything VR that you could possibly cover on a podcast. He drops knowledge bombs left and right.


Zavain breaks down AI, basketball and just is an all around great dude. 

Zavain Dar is a Principal with Lux Capital, he focuses on machine learning, crypto currency and everything that requires you to think 20 years out. He has been a mentor with Boost VC for years and is wise beyond his years.