The Pre-Seed Fund Making Sci-FI a Reality.

meet the team

We live for Sci-Fi.

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Adam Draper

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Adam Draper is the founder and managing director of Boost VC. Adam is a 2x entrepreneur and a 4th generation venture capitalist.

For Adam, no idea is too crazy. He dreams of building an ironman suit and leads the deals in the wildest SciFi Tech investments - exoskeletons, jetpacks, rockets... Go big or go home. The focus of Boost VC on future technology development stems from Adam Draper’s dream to create an Iron Man suit. He co-founded Boost VC after his success as an Angel Investor in companies like Coinbase, Amplitude and Plangrid. In a previous life, he wanted to be a professional tennis player and has an odd affinity for Australians. He once drank an entire bottle of tabasco sauce (the big ones) in 43 seconds. 4th generation venture capitalist, 2 time entrepreneur, and most importantly, he’s a friend : )

Few of my favorite things...

  • Sci-Fi Book: Harry Potter, and I know it’s fantasy, not Sci-Fi.

  • Superhero: Spider-man (Ironic, since I’m trying to build the IronMan suit)

  • Place you’ve been: Australia - great people, great accents.

  • VR Experience: Space Pirate Trainer, had a top 300 score for a while.

  • Crypto: Bitcoin.



Brayton Williams

Co-Founder, Partner

Brayton has spent his career in finance working with too-big-to-fail Morgan Stanley in wealth management and then to a FinTech startup selling private company securities. Then in 2012 he joined his co-worker, Adam Draper, to start Boost VC. Brayton got rid of his apartment and moved into the dorms that house the portfolio companies as he launched the startup to fund startups. He can still be spotted heading to a room he keeps after late nights in the office.

Brayton likes to be first. He was the first member of Boost VC to buy a Bitcoin at but unfortunately also the first to sell. He was the first on the team to try virtual reality before it was widely available. But his most proud first moment is winning the California state free-throw championship at age 12.

At Boost VC, Brayton wears many hats but focuses on the 300+ portfolio alumni and their needs. If those don’t keep him busy enough, he also manages Boost VC’s finances, general operations, social media and investment decisions.

Few of my favorite things...

  • Sci-Fi Book: Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

  • Superhero: Iron Man - Power of knowledge.

  • Place you’ve been: New Zealand, where my brother lives.

  • VR Experience: Google Earth VR

  • Crypto: Ether. Enjoy the dev community and experimentation.


Maddie Callander

VP Accelerator & Portfolio

Prior to joining Boost VC, she built out the private aviation department for the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana, where she managed member air transportation: marketing, selling and arranging private shuttles (Boeing 737s), private flights (XOJET), and shared-ride options. Additionally, she’s held operation and marketing roles in healthcare and real estate industries & freelanced as an event coordinator for NYC event firm Van Wyck & Van Wyck. She attended Draper University in Fall 2013.

Maddie is on a mission to help women and underrepresented founders get a seat at the table in frontier tech. She is a Coalition Member for The Women in XR Fund, which is focused on funding female founders in the virtual and augmented reality space; and Chair of the Women in VR Showcase for the US National Committee for UN Women (SF Chapter) - an event that combines virtual reality with incredible storytelling by VR female film directors from all over the world. Maddie has a B.A. in Art History and Spanish from Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Olivia Pope is her patronus.

Few of my favorite things...

  • Sci-Fi Book: Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

  • Superhero: Superwoman!

  • Place you’ve been: Trinidad, Cuba... magical.

  • VR Experience: Dedicated LongBow player, but I love BeatSaber too.

  • Crypto: Decentraland.


Jessica Robertson


Prior to joining Boost VC, Jessica was office manager for a small VC firm in San Diego, where she helped manage operations, portfolio & investor relations. Additionally, she’s held operations and marketing roles in publishing, art and non-profit organizations. Jess has a B.A. in Art History and Business from the University of Alabama. Originally from Alabama, she’s a world traveler and has lived in Italy, Finland and Alaska. She’s an avid tennis player, rock-climber and loves to surf.

Few of my favorite things...

  • Sci-Fi Book: Fahrenheit 451

  • Superhero: Captain America

  • Food: Any and all Italian Food.

  • Place you’ve been: Cinque Terra, Italy

  • VR Experience: Beast Pets! (Baby Dragons in VR!)