VR / AR 101

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Why is Boost VC interested in VR and AR?

Like the World Wide Web Browsers of the 1990s and the Smartphones of the 2000s, Boost VC believes Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will change how we consume content, communicate with others and learn. While we are excited for this future to become a reality, it is not here yet. That being said, Boost VC believes the next great VR and AR companies are being conceived, funded and built today.

The technology and capital behind VR and AR has been converging over the past few years, and Boost VC is proud to be on the forefront of this revolution. We have funded around 75 companies working in these spaces, making us the most active investor by a 2x margin.

What is the Virtual Reality (VR)?

VR refers to computer generated scenarios designed to simulate immersive, realistic experiences. When in VR, a user's real world environment is replaced with the generated images, making the user incapable of seeing their current real world surroundings.


How does the VR work?


How do I get started with VR?

Today, VR is most commonly experienced through headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. These options require a user to also have a high-performance computer in order to run the headsets. 

Other lower cost options include Google Cardboard, which uses a smartphone to simulate VR environments.



What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR refers to technology that 'augments' a user's view of a real world environment with computer generated material. AR does not replace a user's real world environment (like VR), but instead overlays information on top of what the user currently sees.


How does AR work?


How do I get started with AR?

Most modern smartphones are capable of supporting AR tech and can be accessed through a variety of apps including Snapchat, Jigspace and Ikea Place.