Sci-Fi Book: Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

Superhero: Iron Man - Power of knowledge.

Place you've been: New Zealand, where my brother lives.

VR Experience: Google Earth VR

Crypto: Ether. Enjoy the dev community and experimentation.

Brayton Williams

Founder & Partner

Brayton Williams is a Founding Partner at Boost VC.

Brayton has spent his career in finance working with too-big-to-fail Morgan Stanley in wealth management and then to a FinTech startup selling private company securities. Then in 2012 he joined his co-worker, Adam Draper, to start Boost VC. Brayton got rid of his apartment and moved into the dorms that house the portfolio companies as he launched the startup to fund startups. He can still be spotted heading to a room he keeps after late nights in the office.

Brayton likes to be first. He was the first member of Boost VC to buy a Bitcoin at but unfortunately also the first to sell - he didn't make this mistake again with Ethereum. He was the first on the team to try virtual reality before it was widely available and payed for that spending the rest of the day sick on the couch. But his most proud first moment is winning the California state free-throw championship at age 12.

At Boost VC, Brayton wears many hats but focuses on the 300+ portfolio alumni and their needs. If those don't keep him busy enough, he also manages Boost VC's finances, general operations, social media and investment decisions.