Boost VC believes that Virtual Reality is poised to become the third major technology in the past 20+ years that will change how we live and work.

Like the World Wide Web Browsers of the 1990s and the Smartphones of the 2000s, Virtual Reality or VR, will change how we consume information and entertainment, communicate, express and share creatively, conduct business, even (and perhaps especially) how we learn.

That future, while not too distant, is not here yet. VR has existed in concept and in practice for decades, but only in the past few years and specifically in the past 12 months has the technology and capital converged in a way that makes mainstream adoption possible. 2016 will see the consumer release of a great number of devices and a greater number of experiences.

Undeniably, 2016 is V1, but the rapid pace of change, increased performance, better form factors, and the rise of Augmented and Mixed Reality combined with massive investment from the largest corporations and venture capitalists on earth (plus those glorious AH HA moments) point to certain permanence of VR in our lives.

The next great virtual reality companies are being conceived, funded, and built today. Right now.

Boost VC is proud to be on the forefront of this revolution. We have funded 34 VR companies, making us the most active investor in the space. We have expended tremendous energy to create a wide network of entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, and media all bent on forcing the inevitable rise of VR to happen now.

Currently, we are looking to find and fund those brave startups with the vision to see the future. We are especially excited about companies that are creating tools to make VR creation easier, companies that are building social experiences (both collaborative and asynchronous), and companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with VR in education and training. 

Most of all, we are looking for companies that are creating things that are only possible because of this new medium. Join Us.